4G with Tele2 – better than expected

Huawei B593 branded by Tele2

Huawei B593 (4G modem/router) branded by Tele2

Since I’m moving soon with my parents, to a place without fiber connection, I’ve been playing with this thing.

ADSL which is still very popular in Sweden, is not an option because there is no cable…
So, I’ve been pretty optimistic about 4G since the telco’s here started developing it, but I’ve had my concerns.

Turns out it works great – so far I’ve seen speeds at 30 mbps down and 10 up, and very good response times. Not even comparable to 3G.


Distance to mobile station

Distance to mobile station – about 200 meters

Cell site mast

Cell site mast closest to us

Currently we pay for 25 mbps and 30 gigabytes of data per month (Tele2’s mobile broadband “large”), which worries me a bit. I can live with 30 mbps, but not 30 gigabytes.
They do have another monthly plan though – up to 80 mbps and 80 gigabytes of traffic, which is better, but still only allows you to use about 2-3 GB’s of internet traffic per day.

(From now on I’ll have to plan carefully when I should download ISO’s of OS-distributions)

Pros  (Tele2, Huawei B593 and 4G in general):

  • Good response times
  • Reasonably priced. Prices range from around 200 SEK/month to 500
  • Good speed – up to 80 mbps down and half of that up. A friend of mine has confirmed this
  • No installation fee
  • Trivial for non-technical users
  • Bandwidth cap – the most you can get is 100 GB per month by Telenor
  • Huawei B593 gives you no choice to turn of NAT, meaning that you will have some ugly double-NAT’ing going on
  • Shared resource – more users means trouble
  • Coverage (in terms of availability) needs to improve


  1. I’ve got one of these with Tele2, originally as a 3G business account. I’m outside current 4G range but it’s due to be upgraded next month, fingers crossed they also upgrade the signal strength as I’m maxing out about 5mb download speed at the moment.

    The data traffic limits are a problem. I outdid the Tele2 large 30Gb limit within a few days of switching it on, even with only 3G speeds! Fortunately they have a 4G unlimited business account so I’ve upgraded to that.

    One issue I’m trying to find information on is the external antennas. Also wondering how to get the SMS code they send to the SIM card in order to register the account on “my tele2”. I’ve tried taking submitting my login info so it sends the code, the taking the SIM out and putting it in my phone to get the SMS, then putting it back in the router and restarting it and then reconnecting, but by the time it’s all done the website times out!

    • As you say, the data traffic caps are a problem. I hope I can get a business plan even though I don’t have one…business that is.

      Regarding the antennas, what I’ve found out since I wrote this, is that:
      – If you have one antenna attached, that will be used for both Rx/TX
      – If you have two antennas, the Huawei B593 will split Rx/Tx between them.

      The sms part we have yet to figure out! But if I understood correctly, you actually got an sms?

      • Thanks for the reply, sorry for the late response! SMS is sent to the SIM, but you need to have the SIM out of the router and in a phone.

        Mobilebredband.se has info on antennas, saying they don’t work. A commentator says they have one that does.

        What antenna are you using? 

        No point me bothering yet, Tele2 just moved roll out of 4G in my area from February to May 🙁

        • Sorry for the late response, haha!

          But oh okey.
          We ended up not buying any external antennas. We have full signal strength anyway.
          The problem now is the 30GB cap…


          • Damn Tele2 still hasn’t upgraded us here. Their website says May. 4G appeared briefly last week so I thought it was launched, then it disappeared. The tech support guy said it shouldn’t be working, the nearest tower is too far away, and there’s no plans to build any closer towers. Seems it was just some luck with atmospheric conditions.

            So I’m paying for a 4G unlimited account and have spent 1500kr on a 4G antenna and still no go, despite, in December, being promised it would launch in January.

            Not happy.

            Might be time to contact konsumentverket …… 🙁

          • Oh, that sounds bad…
            They should _at_least_ cancel your subscription.

            By “unlimited”, I guess you mean their 80gb per month plan? Ugh!

          • Did you guys figure out the SMS part? When I put the SIM into a phone it doesn’t recognise it. My guess so far is that it’s because it’s a 4G SIM and 3G phone.

  2. Hey, thanks for that article! What happens after the bandwith cap? Do you have to pay extra charges for further usage or is it slower speed? Here in Germany, we can get up to 30GB highspeed traffic (100MBit/s) and after that, speed is only 64kbit/s. But you also have the choice to reset that 30GB for only 14,95€.

    • Hi! Thank you!

      No, after we hit the 30GB monthly limit, the connection speed gets limited to 200 kbit/s.Unfortunately there’s no such option for us here…


  3. i have the same router,with the same plan,but my download speed barely reaches 1 mb/sec ,i guess its the lack of the 4g connectivity,even though they said that they are going to install it within this months (march),but its still as it was since i got 2 months ago.

  4. Ett sätt för dig att någorlunda ta dig runt dubbel-NAT:andet är att göra som mig. Stäng av DHCP och WiFi i B593:an och sen lägger du in din vanliga router (eller vad du nu har) i DMZ:at i B593:an.

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