Designing your first house

My dream is to own my own house, of course. But my dream is a bit special – I want more space for a garage / workshop than the space for actually “living” in.
Nice kitchen, bathroom, living room for socializing, and a bedroom.
I’m currently investigating the possibilities.

Meanwhile, I’ve actually already designed the house’s interior.
(I’ve also learnt a bit of CAD¬†and OmniGraffle. The below drawings are made in OmniGraffle, but I may re-do them in some CAD application.)

All the text is in Swedish, but I think you can figure out what most of it is anyway!

Floor 1 / bottom floor

Floor 1 / bottom floor

Floor 2 / upper floor

Floor 2 / upper floor


Edit: If anyone of you have some ideas / tips before building something like this – hit me!


  1. If I was you, I would not put a door between the garage and your living area. Since I am currently building a house as well my architect told me that he does even not recommend a door between the hallway and the garage, because you will always carry exhaust fumes into your living area. Especially since the kitchen is so close to the garage, I’d consider to find a different solution there.

    • Hey! Ah, I haven’t thought of that actually. I guess I could just have the outer door to the garage… But it would be nice to not have to go outside.
      Cool that you’re building a house, good luck! Big garage?

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