Things to think about for job interviews

Actually, after having written this post, this does not only apply to job interviews. I would say that it largely applies to meeting anyone for any purpose. Now, let’s start.

I remember my interview when I applied for Spotify to some extent… But a few things have struck me since I’ve been interviewing candidates myself. There’s actually a few things I often miss (I will add how I personally act for each one):

1. Happiness. A happy candidate is easier to talk to.
Personally, I think I smiled quite a lot during my interview for example. Easiest way of showing happiness.

2. Humbleness. This is probably my favourite word (after BMW of course).
I can’t really develop on this one right now… but, having a discussion or meeting with a humble person is nice.

3. Curiosity. If I get asked a question about how I would solve an issue, or troubleshoot something – it’s likely that I will ask the same question back, once I’ve given my view on it.
Personally, I’m always very curious. I have so many things that I want to learn…maybe too many. But when I was in school, I was one of the silent ones who didn’t ask many questions. Today, I would probably not hold back. I want to know how things work, and how other people solve problems.

4. Drivenness. This one ties into curiosity, I believe. A driven person is curious, correct?
Honestly, I believe that almost anyone could “land” any job with enough drive in them. I like to talk to someone who is _really_ interested in something, which is noticeable by how excited they are when talking about it – it does not only have to be about work related stuff. Let me go further into this one, with an example that I will make up:

I interview Mark Zuckerberg (gah, I didn’t come up with a better name, if you read this: Hello! Awesome.) for a developer / programmer’s position.
During this interview I learn that he is in fact not an excellent programmer… BUT, when he mentions one of his personal hobbies, biking, he goes on and on about what he has done: He started a local biking community, he has written several articles about bike mechanics, he is a frequent reviewer of bike parts, and so on.
To me, this is some kind of proof that this person is actually able to engage in …things. I mean, I know that this person has stuff going on. Something to keep this person motivated, possibly?
I will hire him, not mainly because of his programming skills, but because of the interest he has shown in taking a hobby further or more importantly: learning new things.

Now, I’m not saying that you can suck at programming and get hired for a senior developer’s position, maybe.
But many times, just showing a genuine interest is what makes a big impact. At least on me. Promote your hobbies and or personal projects!

Alright, example done.
I’m not sure if it came across the way I think of it… But have this in mind when you leave this page:
– If you own a company. You want to hire responsible, driven, nice people. You want them to feel like they own a part of it, to take full responsibility of their area – because that is when they will be proud of doing a good job, or actually care when something goes bad.
I believe that this is something everyone should think of when applying for a job… OR when interviewing candidates.

Nice people will attract more nice people, right?

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading, leave a comment if you believe I’m onto something! (or else, as well)

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