VW Touareg 2013 V8 TDI

Some pictures of a Volkswagen Touareg 2013, 7P 2013 V8 [...]

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Qihan IP camera QH-NV470SO-P review

I recently bought 2x Qihan Technology Qihan QH-NV470SO-P IP cameras, for outdoor use. For the price, around 70 EUR / 100 USD each, I'm very happy. Picture quality is good. [...]

Falken Azenis FK453 tyre review

I bought these in April 2015. I paid around 100 EUR per tyre. So total = 400 EUR for a set + additional mounting on my Diamond Classic Silver 18" wheels. Diemension: [...]

Biltema Clay Bar kit 3604 review

I can only compare it to Meguairs Quick Clay, for around 269kr (27 EUR), but I think the kit from Biltema is well worth the money. + A lot of clay is included. I only [...]

My BMW E30 325i 1989 restoration project status

So, I bought this BMW E30 in 2013 November, for 1000 EUR. It was an eight hour drive (one way) to get the car, on a trailer. So two days spent there. The below video is a [...]

BMW E30 M20B25 oil cooler thread size

This is a short note. If you want to connect a custom oil cooler (like I have) on a BMW M20B25 engine, the two connections (threads) are M22x1,5. I have bought adapters [...]

Things to think about for job interviews

Actually, after having written this post, this does not only apply to job interviews. I would say that it largely applies to meeting anyone for any purpose. Now, let's [...]

Car rims: Diamond Classic Silver 18

I just wanted to share some pictures of how these rims that I bought on http://www.wheelbasealloys.com/ looks in reality, on a Topasblau Metallic (color code 364) BMW E46 [...]

Designing your first house

My dream is to own my own house, of course. But my dream is a bit special - I want more space for a garage / workshop than the space for actually "living" in. Nice kitchen, [...]

How to import Fortinet Fortigate MIB into Zenoss 4.2

I'm running Zenoss 4.2.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64. A guy created a very handy script (THANKS!) for doing this, you can find it here: http://hydruid-blog.com/?p=10 First, [...]

Fortinet FortiOS 5 breaks Windows Deployment Services

Update #1 2013-03-07 This issue seems to have been recognized by others as well. A bug report seems to have been sent ("We added some bugreport #192750. Should be fixed [...]