Qihan IP camera QH-NV470SO-P review

I recently bought 2x Qihan Technology Qihan QH-NV470SO-P IP cameras, for outdoor use. For the price, around 70 EUR / 100 USD each, I'm very happy. Picture quality is good. Night vision (with IR LED's) is good too. No microphone built in as far as I can tell. Unfortunately the web interface is quite outdated, and requires Internet Explorer (ActiveX) [...]

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Behringer Eurolive B1800D-Pro Review

Another Behringer review. No, I'm not sponsored or anything by them or anyone else. A short summary of the Behringer Eurolive B1800D-Pro active 18" inch subwoofer. This [...]

Behringer X32 Review

This is going to be a short review. Hello! I'm not very experienced when it comes to live sound - but I've learnt very much about it in a short amount of time. From my [...]

Music Tip #3 – my monthly playlist for october 2012

lindblom.it 2012-10 October It's a bit late now...well [...]

Mac OS X update 10.7.5 US keyboard layout default?

When upgrading from Mac OS X 10.7.4 (lion), to 10.7.5 which was recently released, it seems to change the default keyboard layout to US. This creates some trouble for [...]

Bimmers Of Sweden 2012 #2

I really really like BMWs. This was the second Bimmers Of Sweden meetup this year, which was held at Gröndals Motorstadion. Here's a couple of photos I [...]

A Swedish band you should hear – BOA

This is their album "Forever and [...]

Good to know HP ProCurve switch troubleshooting commands

Did I really save the last configuration to nvram? show running-config status Output: switch# show running-config status Running configuration is same as the startup [...]

4G with Tele2 – better than expected

Since I'm moving soon with my parents, to a place without fiber connection, I've been playing with this thing. ADSL which is still very popular in Sweden, is not an [...]

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