Qihan IP camera QH-NV470SO-P review

I recently bought 2x Qihan Technology Qihan QH-NV470SO-P IP cameras, for outdoor use. For the price, around 70 EUR / 100 USD each, I'm very happy. Picture [...]

How to import Fortinet Fortigate MIB into Zenoss 4.2

I'm running Zenoss 4.2.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64. A guy created a very handy script (THANKS!) for doing this, you can find it [...]

Fortinet FortiOS 5 breaks Windows Deployment Services

Update #1 2013-03-07 This issue seems to have been recognized by others as well. A bug report seems to have been sent ("We added some bugreport #192750. [...]

HP Procurve DHCP Snooping

This article will show you how to: Set up DHCP snooping Troubleshoot DHCP snooping How to disable it when (if) shit hits the fan   Set [...]

Good to know HP ProCurve switch troubleshooting commands

Did I really save the last configuration to nvram? show running-config status Output: switch# show running-config status Running configuration is same as [...]

4G with Tele2 – better than expected

Since I'm moving soon with my parents, to a place without fiber connection, I've been playing with this thing. ADSL which is still very popular in [...]